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Hi! Thank you for stopping by my site. Cooking is one of my hobby! I love to cook, bake and try new recipes. These recipes are all tried and true, foolproof guaranteed successful. My is a website devoted to finding the best recipes, and presenting them to you with simple instructions and lots of pictures.

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These quick chicken sandwiches are great on the grill! Serve with your favorite toppings and condiments!
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First it helps to start with high quality canned tuna. If you have leftover cooked tuna steaks, then by all means use them instead of the canned tuna. Trader Joe's has an excellent canned tuna packed in olive oil. Tuna packed in olive oil may be more flavorful than tuna packed in water, but check on the quality. It may be better to use tuna packed in water, drain it, and then add a bit of your own high quality extra virgin olive oil. This requires a bit of experimentation with brands.

Not really a recipe, this incredibly good sandwich is more of an idea. Substitute roast beef for the turkey, or leave out the meat altogether. Make the mayonnaise more or less spicy, to your taste. Add a slice or two of avocado, if you have a ripe one on hand. Toast the bread, or not, as you wish. With so few ingredients, each one needs to be the best, so don't use wilted lettuce or off-season tomatoes.

My friend shared with me his favorite grilled cheese sandwich - one with smoked salmon, Gruyere, and lemon confit made from preserved lemons. I finally got around to making this fabulous sandwich, but instead of using preserved lemons (most people don't have those sitting around), I boiled Meyer lemon slices down in salted water. Very tasty, and a great way to use up any smoked salmon left over from a weekend brunch.

The Sacramento Bee recently published a recipe for a Reuben Sandwich which sounded so good we just had to make it. That day. Corned beef, dark rye bread, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, with Russian dressing - grilled. According to the Wikipedia our national love affair with Reuben sandwiches has been going on since the 1920s, though the origin is disputed.

Liverwurst sandwiches are typically made with rye or whole grain bread, mustard, and onions. Personally I would skip the onions, unless perhaps they are pickled red onions, as the liverwurst is strong enough in flavor and often has onions ground into it. We always had these sandwiches on white bread growing up, so that's what I use now.

Egg salad sandwiches are some of the easiest sandwiches in the world to make, especially if you have some hard boiled eggs sitting around in the fridge. I've found the best combination for a great egg salad sandwich is using toasted rye bread, and including a dash of curry with the mayo, celery, green onions and egg of the egg salad. The amount of mayonnaise is really a matter of taste, it all depends on how mayo-y you want your sandwich.  The curry just gives the egg salad a little unexpected lift.

Usually cheese tacos just have cheese in them. Add some salsa and you're done. My cheese tacos tend to be a little more elaborate. I stand by my rule that you can put almost anything in a tortilla and call it a taco.

Quick & easy Breakfast if you love Cheese. Wow this was so good! I was actually sad when I took my last bite, that's how good it was.

They might be called sandwiches at any other time of day, but our warm and creamy toasted smoked salmon "breakwiches" are especially nice in the morning.

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